Flat lamination

Flatbed laminator systems are double belt presses with integrated contact heating and cooling. The materials that are laminated are heated very gentle. Due to the long heating zone the materials are laminated perfectly with high bonding strength. Right after the heating the materials can be pressed together or calibrated to a set thickness with the pressure rollers. To stabilize this compound materials are cooled down before they exit the double belt press. With the flat gap between the belts and the precise height adjustment even rigid plates with a thickness of up to 150 mm can be laminated.

  • Working width of the line 1800 mm, thickness of input materials up to 150 mm
  • We use all types of clean, easy to work with, environmentally friendly adhesives - web, powder, film
  • Lamination of two or more layers of materials in one step
  • Possibility of one-side and both side application of adhesives on material surface (coating)
  • Roll to roll and single piece lamination
  • Possibility of processing all kinds of substrates - fabric, foam, film, nonwovens, leather, 3D mesh fabric, PP, PVC plates...